Keeping It Natural: Skincare Is the Bottomline of Beauty

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Once upon a time, people could easily tell how old you were based on how many fine lines and wrinkles were visible on your face. There was a time when people would take one look at your loose skin and sunken eyes and say, “yup, this lady’s (or gentleman’s) past her (or his) ‘prime’.” But, because of modern skincare, this is no longer the case. Or, at least it does not have to be.

We no longer have a reason to blame age for dark spots, dry skin, and dull skin tone. Cosmetologists are constantly looking for the best formulas for smooth and flawless skin. That aside, you are accountable for how you treat your skin and how it changes over time. If you religiously stick to a skincare routine that works for you, it won’t be easy for other people to guess your age. And personally, I stick to my Kedma skincare regimen because it has consistently shown great results and effective rescue remedies.

There are two main reasons to stick with a skincare regimen. First, pollution can damage the skin and manifest itself through dark spots, dryness, and dullness. Second, and more importantly, beauty always boils down to glowing, dewy skin. No matter how trendy your clothes are or how meticulous your makeup is, true beauty starts within your skin.

Pollution and Proper Skincare: What’s the Connection?

Filipinos are no strangers to pollution. Yes, rapid urbanization helps stabilize the economy and provides more jobs for the working class. But, it also worsens pollution and takes a serious toll on our first line of defense: the skin. Pollutants can seep into the skin, stay deep-seated in the pores, and damage the cells. They can also worsen skin diseases like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Pollution may result in long-term skin damage

In the Philippines, air pollution is a major problem. Think about it: we are constantly breathing in air that contains harmful elements like sulfate, nitrates, mineral dust, and black carbon. Once these things get into our lungs and cardiovascular system, they are more likely to cause illnesses and diseases. The same thing happens when these pollutants settle within our pores — they inevitably damage the skin.

Pollutants accumulate under the skin and suffocate the pores. When left unresolved, the pollutants are pushed deeper into the epidermis while dead skin cells accumulate on the surface. This results in visible acne, dark spots, and rashes. This also results in premature aging and long-term damage. So, it is important to cleanse the skin and boost skin cell renewal to prevent this from happening.

Proper skincare prevents pollutant-induced skin damage

polluted cityPollution is an unavoidable part of every Filipino’s life, especially those who live in Metro Manila. Air in urban areas — where there are more mobile vehicles, power plants, industrial facilities, and factories — is definitely dirtier than the air in greener rural areas. This isn’t to mention humidity in the metro which further exposes the pores to dirt, oil, sweat, and allergens, eventually leading to breakouts and allergies.

If you don’t want your skin to be damaged because of these factors, consider investing in a tried-and-tested skincare regimen. My Kedma morning routine goes like this:

First, I cleanse my face with Kedma’s one-of-a-kind Black Mud Soap which gently yet deeply cleanses my skin and pores. I follow it up with the Dead Sea Salt Soap which removes impurities and restores my skin’s natural moisture balance.

Second, I use a gentle skin toner to restore my skin’s natural pH level.

Finally, I never forget to apply my trusted Kedma moisturizer which has solid anti-aging benefits.

This simple skincare routine washes away all pollutants that could very well seep into my pores. It also rejuvenates my skin after being exposed to free radicals and other harsh elements, thus keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. I stick to Kedma products that combine luxurious Egyptian ingredients like Dead Sea Salt with natural antioxidants like moringa leaf extract. Together, they combat skin damage and the aging process.

Despite air pollution, you can have radiant and blemish-free skin like mine if you diligently stick to a proper skincare regimen that works for you — using the right products is important, too, of course!

The Basis of Beauty: Why Should Skincare Always Come First?

woman having facialIt saddens me when I see people spend so much money on makeup but settle for cheap drugstore brands for essential skincare products like facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. I’m a firm believer that physical beauty starts with clear and radiant skin. No amount of makeup can hide or disguise unhealthy skin, so I encourage everybody to invest in quality skincare products that actually works.

The no-makeup makeup look is not necessary if your skin is healthy

If you ask me, Grammy award-winning singer Alicia Keys is probably my modern beauty icon. Since 2016, she has focused on maintaining good skin rather than on buying good makeup. She wears blush and lip gloss once in a while, yes, but she empowers women to embrace our natural beauty and to go makeup-free regularly. Admittedly, this is a terrifying thought for many of us who have gotten used to leaving the house with a fully-made-up face. But there is no reason to be afraid if we take good care of our skin.

It’s so easy to think, “If my skin were as good as hers, then I’d have no problem going bare-faced every day.” But even Alicia Keys has pigmentation and suffers from breakouts. The point is, we all have to address our individual skin concerns and invest in the right products that show real and lasting results. Besides, why spend so much on makeup that cover your features when you can use skincare products that boost your skin’s health and shows off your natural beauty?

Invest in the right products — it’s not splurging if it works

I’ve encountered people who are hesitant to spend on effective facial cleansers, skin toners, and moisturizers because they think that products cost more than they should. Well, let me share with you the philosophy that my granduncle instilled in me:

“If you buy something and it does nothing for you, then it is expensive. But if you invest in something and it has visible or tangible results, then it is a worthy investment.”

It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to skincare and just buy different types of foundations and powders and concealers to hide wrinkles and blemishes. But, you wouldn’t have those skin concerns if the first place if you invest both time and money in a skincare regimen that results in timeless and natural beauty.

Give Kedma a chance if you wish to have glowing, dewy skin that brings out your best features.

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