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Attention, skin care-loving Filipinas: Kedma is now in the Philippines!

Kedma is a luxury skin care brand that originated in Israel in 2007. Soon after its release, Kedma reached our shores to let us in on the age-defying secrets of Egyptian royals. The brand uses advanced technology and formulation methods to come up with beauty must-haves that are ideal for everyday use as well as rescue remedies that solve virtually any skin problem (Zits? Cellulites? Kedma has you covered). Interested yet? Find honest reviews of Kedma Philippines on my blog!

Why the Rave Over Kedma?

Kedma credits the success of their brand mostly to the ingredients present in their every product: Dead Sea minerals and gold (you read that right, gold).

Dead Sea salt is the star ingredient you will find in every Kedma product. Israel’s Dead Sea, a natural wonder of the world, comes loaded with up to 21 different minerals. Of these 21 minerals, 12 aren’t found in any other seas or ocean. Kedma offers Dead Sea mineral-infused products that thoroughly cleanse the skin while making it look younger. These minerals also serve specific functions, such as helping get rid of cellulites.

Staying true to their promise of making pamper time more luxurious for women, they have incorporated Cleopatra’s best-kept secret into their beauty products: precious gold. With Kedma’s arrival in the Philippines, you can turn your me-time into an experience that befits Egyptian royalty.

What’s so Special About Kedma?

The company’s claim to fame is their use of Dead Sea minerals, among other active and natural ingredients. Kedma products are claimed to make the skin smoother, softer, healthier, and more “awake.”

The website says all of their products are ISO-certified. If you’re like me who, by all means, avoid products that are not cruelty-free, you will be happy to know that Kedma moisturizers do not contain animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

Other Kedma reviews on the internet recommend their products, as they are devoid of parabens, a class of preservatives widely used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The use of this ingredient is frowned upon by both consumers and players in the beauty and skin care industry, as it is was linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.


Kedma’s selection of face and body moisturizers feature Dead Sea Minerals and gold as the main ingredients. Together, these are proven effective in achieving a healthy glow.


Your feet work just as hard as you do. Pay extra attention to your tired toes (and get to wear cute sandals again!) with Kedma’s foot care kits.


My new favorite skin care brand, Kedma, has changed the way I look at bar soaps. Find soaps that address problems like acne and cellulites.

Body Scrubs

The brand’s signature body scrubs are formulated using modern techniques. They are effective in getting rid of dull skin, treating skin concerns, and restoring moisture.

Hands and Nails

Even your hands and nails deserve TLC! Love your hands and nails better with luxury hand and nail creams and kits from Kedma.

Kedma Moisturizer Reviews

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Kedma Hand and Nail Cream Reviews

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Kedma Hand and Nail Cream Reviews

As someone with perennially dry hands, let me share with you how Kedma hands and nails has changed my life.

I’ve created a space where you can find honest-to-goodness Kedma Philippines cosmetics review. Feel free to explore my blog!

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