Summer Essential: Skin and Hair Care after Soaking Up Sun at the Beach

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Enjoying the summer months in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without spending time at a beach. As a group of islands, the country is home to numerous beautiful beaches, including Boracay in Aklan, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, and Panglao Island in Bohol.

Reading a good book as you lounge in the sand, under the sun’s warmth or taking a dip into the gentle waves are excellent ways to take a step back from life’s stresses. Don’t get too excited by the chance to lounge under the sun and surf, though. Give your skin a little bit more TLC as the elements can wreak havoc on your skin and hair’s health.

I made that mistake once! Trust me when I say I don’t want to relive that experience. Here’s my journey on how I got back my hair and skin’s moisture:

Excessive Salt and Sun Dry the Skin and Hair

Saltwater contains magnesium, which hydrates and improves the appearance of your skin. Swimming in this type of water moderately allows you to enjoy its benefits. Like most things, however, excessive exposure has negative effects.

Spending longer periods at a beach can dry your skin. It’s even a bigger problem if you’re already prone to dry skin. Your hair would also suffer when overexposed to salt water. The high salt content of seawater makes it osmotic, which removes the moisturizing water from the hair. If it isn’t replenished, your hair will become dry, parched, and brittle.

If you have colored hair like me, salt water isn’t exactly your tresses’ BFF. Saltwater will make your hair texture hard and hay-like, making it hard to brush or comb. In some cases, the damage causes split ends and breakage.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

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Applying sun protection on your body is essential before going out to minimize the damaging effects of the harsh UV rays. How about after swimming in the sea? Make sure to have a post-beach beauty routine. This helps you keep your hair and skin healthy and strong even after hours of being at the beach.

Consider treating your salt-damaged skin with Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea is popular for its surrounding mud that contains a unique combination of minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and potassium. These minerals promise to improve various skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and dry skin.

Kedma Skincare Philippines offers a range of skincare products rich in Dead Sea minerals. I tried most of them, so now I don’t have to worry about having dry skin after going to a beach again. Consider adding them to your summer skincare essentials to keep your skin healthy, like mine, throughout the entire season.

  • Face

Milk Cleanser – this is a gentle, hypoallergenic product that helps dissolve make-up and removes all impurities from the skin. It’s suitable for different skin types. I have sensitive skin, and I didn’t experience irritation upon using the product. I use the cleanser day and night, especially when I spend long hours at a beach. This is the first step in my skin care treatment.

Facial Gold Cream – this contributes to restoring the skin’s youthful glow. The Gold in the cream regenerates firm skin cells by stimulating cellular growth of the epidermis. It also locks in moisture, which increases the collagen level of the skin, maintaining the elasticity of your skin. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve read several positive reviews about it.

Aloe Vera Gel – this is a mild anesthetic that helps relieve itching, swelling, and pain. I apply this after basking in the sun to soothe my skin. Aloe Vera provides a cooling effect to the skin and an excellent treatment for dry skin. Apart from sunscreen, I never go to the beach without this gel.

  • Body

Salt Scrub Kiwi-Mango – it gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells for nourished, soft skin. Exfoliating after swimming in salt water is essential to remove the residue of sunscreen, sweat, and sand. I use the scrub after a long day at the beach. I love the kiwi and mango scent of the scrub because it’s perfect for the summer.

Gold Body Butter – give your skin an extra dose of moisture with the body butter, which contains a combination of Shea Butter, Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, and Hamamelis extract. This body butter is also rich in antioxidant E to nourish the skin and minimize the formation of free radicals. I usually apply this product right after I shower and when my skin needs more moisture.

Tame Your Frizzy Hair

woman with wind blowing through her hair

A post-beach hair look is hot during summer. You can see photos of celebrities and beauty and fashion bloggers on Instagram rocking beach waves, completing their summer looks. Even I had to get in on this trend. But, while it’s definitely a must-try, you’ll need to wash out the salt off of your hair eventually. Use products that remove the salt without stripping moisture.

Mud Hair Mask – this helps treat and restore damaged hair due to chemical processes and other environmental factors. It contains Vitamin A, which provides nourishment to the scalp and prevents moisture loss. I’ve been using the mask even before summer started, but only realized how amazing the product was when summer rolled around.

I apply the mask after shampooing and massage gently for five to eight minutes. I normally use it once or twice a week or whenever my hair looks frizzy and rebellious.

Mineral Hair Serum – the product protects the hair from dryness, pollution, and other damaging factors. It helps you control the frizz caused by salt exposure, making your hair easier to comb and style without breaking it. Apply a few drops of the serum on your towel-dried hair. I’ve yet to use it, but I’m planning to purchase one soon. I’ll make a review about it soon!

Protect Your Hair and Skin during Summer

Make sure to shower immediately after swimming at the beach. It reduces the effects of salt and sun on your hair and skin. Applying preventive measures, like UV protection and clean water, is essential to minimize the damaging effects of staying at a beach.

Since the salt and the sun dehydrate your skin and hair, make sure to drink plenty of liquids, particularly water. Dehydration can make the skin prone to disorders and premature wrinkling. I love drinking water, which I think helps keep my skin healthy all year.

Additionally, use skin care products suitable to your skin type. Avoid those that contain harsh chemicals as they might further damage your skin, especially if you have a sunburn. If you’re not swimming, cover your head and body with clothing that has light, breathable fabric.

Understanding how to protect your skin and hair from the drying effects of saltwater makes every beach hopping more pleasant. Keep your skin and hair conditioned all the time so you can focus on important matters, such as the warm weather, the waves, and the relaxation. After your trip to the beach, you’ll feel refreshed without worrying about damaged skin and hair.

If you’ve tried the products I mentioned, feel free to share your thoughts. You can also share other summer hair and skincare tips that deliver incredible results.

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