Deep-Nourish Your Skin with Kedma Philippines Moisturizers

If you’re on the lookout for your holy grail moisturizer, give Kedma moisturizers a try!

But first, let me give you a bit of a background on Kedma Cosmetics. The company has been providing luxury skin care products since 2007. They first introduced their products to skin care fans in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, among other major USA cities. Soon enough they have expanded and started offering their products in the European market, as well as in the Philippines. It took a long way before we finally saw Kedma moisturizers in the Philippines, but I’m glad we finally have it here.

The Elixir of Life, in a Bottle

As someone whose foray into makeup started early (I mean 13 years old early), I have also developed wrinkles and fine lines pretty early. While they’re at the moment still pretty minor, I take steps to prevent them from developing into deeper lines that can be a pain to remedy in the long run. My quest to find effective anti-aging products that do not dry the skin led me to discover Kedma.

I kid you not, the Kedma moisturizer works like the Elixir of Life. It has, by far, helped reduce the appearance of the lines on my face (I have laugh lines and crow’s feet), and I’m glad I gave it a go. As the company combines Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, and sometimes even gold to formulate their products, every product in their line of Kedma Philippines moisturizers works really well in promoting a healthier and younger-looking complexion.

Total Moisture for the Face and Body

Kedma has separate lines of moisturizers for the face and the body. Both collection feature opulent additions to me-time such as the Gold Body Butter that contains Shea Butter, Dead Sea minerals, and Hamamelis extract, and – wait for it –actual 24K gold. These ingredients work together to lock in moisture and stimulate cellular growth.

The Gold Body Butter is just one product in their collection. See their body moisturizer catalog here and their facial moisturizer products here.

We have carefully curated Kedma Philippines moisturizer reviews by people who have had actual experience using them.

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