Living with Dry Skin: Keeping My Skin Hydrated this Summer with Kedma

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Does your skin feel tight after showering? Does it also look rough when you don’t apply lotion or cream? How about fine lines or cracks on your skin? Have you noticed that marring your beautiful skin lately? If you can relate to these questions, then you likely have dry skin like me.

Since summer is approaching, I’ll be spending more time at the beach, working on my tan and swimming. Sounds fun, right? But the more time I spend in the water, the drier my skin gets! An absolute tragedy, I know. Fortunately, I discovered Kedma skin care Philippines. It has ingredients that help me keep my skin moisturized despite the long hours of being in the water.

The Struggles of Having Dry Skin

Although dry skin is usually not a major health problem, it certainly affects my confidence. Seeing white marks when I scratch my skin bothers me, especially when they appear in exposed areas. So, I don’t wear shirts with short sleeves or short pants without applying moisturizer; I never leave home without a healthy layer of it. But most of the moisturizers I used were sticky, which made me feel uncomfortable.

I know how important moisturizer is for dry skin, but the discomfort sometimes makes me think of passing up on some good old moisture.

They’re idle thoughts, though. Having dry skin also increases my risk of developing skin complications, like eczema and infections. Not to mention that excessive dryness causes cracking (which provide an entryway for bacteria that can lead to infections), inflammation, and redness. I never want to go down that road! That’s why I always, always, make it a point to moisturize my skin.

Locking the Moisture in My Skin

For a long time, I had been using lotion instead of cream as a moisturizer. I’ve learned from my mistake, however. It turns out that creams and ointments are less irritating for dry skin! In the quest to find products to complete my skincare routine to help soothe dry skin, I looked for moisturizing creams that I could add to my skincare arsenal. I found Kedma Cosmetics — and what a find it was.

I love my Kedma products so much that I’ve been using different products from the luxury skincare brand, including:

  • Gold Body Butter – it contains a combination of Shea butter, Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, and Hamamelis extract, which provides extra moisture to the skin. The product promises to lock in moisture and to stimulate cellular growth of the epidermis for firm skin cells. It’s perfect for dry skin and cracked elbows and knees.
  • Multiuse Cream – this product is ideal for the face, hands, and even nails, preventing them from cracking, drying, and developing redness. It also contains Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera extract that help restore moisture in the skin.
  • Intensive Night Cream – it improves the appearance of wrinkles and prevents the development of new ones. The cream has Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin A (Retinol), which keep the skin soft and young-looking. It can also penetrate dry skin quickly to restore the balance of moisture.

I didn’t just buy a lot of these products on a whim, though. Before I purchased my moisturizers, I did a little research, especially on the ingredients that were unfamiliar to me. Kedma products are popular for having Dead Sea Minerals, which is a unique combination of minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Dead Sea minerals are thought to be beneficial to health and skin. It makes the skin healthier by removing impurities and dead skin. The mud from the salt lake also makes the skin more elastic, improving its functionality. No wonder it’s a hotspot for health and skin care tourists.

It was only after I was armed with this knowledge that I decided to go for it and bought my goodies. And I haven’t regretted it yet!

Using My Kedma Products

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My skin care routine didn’t change drastically when I started using my Kedma moisturizers. I actually have a simple routine, involving cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating when needed.

I apply the Gold Body Butter on my body right after I finish bathing or swimming, especially while my body is still damp. The product has a sweet, nutty scent from the Shea butter, which I love because it stays for hours. This body butter isn’t sticky on the skin, unlike other products. The moisture it provides lasts for the whole day, so I don’t need to reapply frequently.

Meanwhile, I massage the Multiuse Cream into my face and neck after cleansing. It’s paraben-free and non-greasy, so I don’t have to worry about irritating my skin. I also carry it around with me because I use it as a hand cream, too. I tend to wash my hands frequently, stripping most of the moisture from my hand, so it’s great to have this with me all the time.

At night, I wash my face before going to bed to remove my make-up and all the dirt my face accumulated over the course of the day. Once that’s done, I gently massage the Intensive Night Cream to my face and neck until they absorb the product.

What Are My Final Thoughts on My Kedma Products?

I have been using my Kedma moisturizers for a couple of months now. In that period, I noticed how my skin stayed smooth even after spending hours outside and at the beach. It didn’t only lock the moisture in my skin; it also brought back my confidence in showing skin. The night cream kept my skin hydrated, as well, so I wake up with soft and supple skin.

I give these products four out of five stars. The products are in the higher price range, but I really do think they’re a worthy purchase. They come through on their promise. These products are easily one of the best among the other moisturizers I’ve used before.

Since I started using these products, I’ve been able to spend more time in the water without worrying about drying out my poor skin. I’ll surely add more of these to my summer skincare kit.

Results may vary, however. If you have severely dry skin, consult a dermatologist first before trying these products. Your derma might prescribe other treatments more suitable for your skin’s condition. But if we have the same skin issues, I recommend these products to keep your smooth and healthy-looking.

I look forward to trying other products from Kedma cosmetics, particularly its Purifying Mud Mask. It claims to boost cell renewal, revitalize the skin, and soften the pores. If you have tried this product, or the moisturizers I’m using, feel free to share how it improved your skin.

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