Kedma Skincare Review: Is Topical Collagen Really Worth the Hype?

wrinkled paperI’m pretty sure I’m not the only one dealing with aging skin — sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines, to name a few issues. The general humidity and pollution in Metro Manila do not help, either. I’m pretty sure other women (and men) also deal with similar problems. After all, unless you religiously follow my Kedma review blog, your Google search led you to this page; which means you are looking for answers to your skincare dilemmas.

After extensive research as well as conversations with friends about skincare, I felt compelled to try collagen-infused products for skin improvement. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that plays a major role in maintaining a youthful appearance — it boosts skin elasticity and combats signs of aging.

Once upon a time, natural collagen production was the only way to experience the positive effects of the protein. Now, we can rely on collagen supplementation and topical skincare products to boost collagen production and fight the signs of aging. Here’s my take on Kedma’s Collagen Signature Set:

Why Choose Kedma?

skincare cream on handTo make sure we’re on the same page, here’s an overview of why I choose Kedma for skincare:

Kedma unlocked the secrets of ancient Egyptian cosmetics. It combines the revitalizing properties of Dead Sea minerals and the anti-aging properties of gold to make skin look youthful and healthy despite one’s age.

I’ve spent so much on other skincare products that never seemed to work. When I started using Kedma products, however, the effects on my skin were definitely noticeable. In addition to the brand’s premium ingredients, I appreciate the fact that the brand offers skincare sets based on what the skin needs.

Kedma knows which products complement each other. It puts together products that generate optimal effects. This means I don’t have to waste so much time doing research on different products and going from one store to the next searching for a specific toner or serum or sleeping mask.

What’s So Great about the Collagen Signature Set?

Kedma features a wide range of beauty and skincare products. And I must admit that, at the start, I thought twice about whether the premium products actually do what they promise. Nevertheless, I chose to trust in the brand’s innovative formulations and advanced technology to come up with a collagen-boosting collection that visibly addresses aging skin.

Kedma’s Collagen Signature Set includes the Facial Collagen Mask, the Marine Collagen Booster, and the Collagen Face Cream. These products are known to work together to address wrinkles and other signs of aging. If you’re wondering if the premium skincare products are worth it, here’s an idea of what they did for my skin and what they can do for yours:

Product 1: Facial Collagen Mask

The facial collagen mask is rich in Kedma’s trademark ingredient — Dead Sea minerals. It is also rich in marine collagen and elastin. Together, these ingredients may result in skin tightening, intense moisturizing, and effective anti-oxidizing. I can confidently say that the premium brand really hit the nail with this one because my skin feels and looks younger than ever — the wrinkles don’t look so bad anymore!

In addition to skin tightening and moisturizing ingredients, the mask has a mixture of vitamins C and E which protect the skin from toxins and promote natural collagen production. Having said that, I can confidently say that the collagen mask is doing what it says it can do, and possibly even more.

I definitely look forward to using this mask at the end of every busy week!

Product 2: Marine Collagen Booster

Kedma’s Marine Collagen Booster is especially formulated to enhance the age-defying features of other Kedma products — and this claim is not unfounded. The serum has a mixture of Marine Collagen, Dead Sea minerals, pearl powder, and seaweed to maximize the effects of the brand’s other products.

The most noticeable feature of the marine serum for me, though, is its moisturizing ability. I use it every night and I can literally feel it healing my skin from age- and environment-related stress factors.

Product 3: Collagen Face Cream

The collagen face cream is the last product of Kedma’s collagen skincare set. It contains some of the best ingredients to combat skin aging including vitamins A, C, and E. It also includes moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil and coconut oil. Let’s not forget the Dead Sea Salts that make every Kedma product well worth it! These ingredients make it my new favorite day cream.

What else can moisturize my skin and fight the signs of skin aging as well as this cream?

The products are already great individually. Put them together and I may have found the holy grail of anti-aging skincare. I did feel the difference and people have been commenting on how my skin looks better than ever. It bears repetition: the premium collagen products are well worth how pampered, beautiful, and youthful I feel after continuous use of the entire set.

What’s the Overall Verdict?

Our body naturally produces collagen but the production slows down as we age. So, topical collagen is more popular than ever among people who want to achieve younger, healthier, and more radiant skin. This encouraged me to try collagen-infused products to know if there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I decided to use Kedma’s Collagen Signature Set because I already had a great experience with previous products from the same brand. And the skincare set definitely lived up to the brand’s quality! More than that, the skincare set justified the overall hype about collagen-boosting topical products.

Kedma’s collagen-infused products are certainly not your average skincare product that “makes the skin stronger and more youthful.” Many generic products make these claims, but do not deliver on them. After continued use of Kedma’s Collagen Signature Set, even the people around me are starting to notice that my skin is looking better than ever.

Having said that, I look forward to continuing with Kedma’s collagen skincare products for great skin, now, and in the long run. I might even dive into other Kedma skincare products that promise healthy and glowing skin, specifically the aloe vera gel that relieves occasional itching and swelling.

I’m also eyeing the Kedma salt scrub that gets rid of dead cells and softens the skin — it comes in various scents including my favorite, peach and honey. Watch out for my next review!

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